Success Stories

A Few of Our Success Stories:

Pardeep Kohli

Pardeep Kohli: Founder & CEO

I was a first-time entrepreneur and Venu, Krishna and Ben helped us in every aspect of company development – people issues, board management, business development, customer negotiations and the exit process. Venu played the leadership role among the investor group, Ben was a terrific mentor and Krishna was a great help on many of the company building challenges. The three of them were a powerful team that made Spatial a huge success during some really difficult macroeconomic times.

After spending a couple of successful years growing the Spatial business within Alcatel, I was ready for my next startup. I ended up as CEO of Mavenir Systems – a company that had been originally seed funded by Venu, Krishna and Ben. Mavenir Systems had an IPO in 2013 and was acquired by Mitel in 2015. It was a great experience working with them again to build a second company – I would not have wanted it any other way. As partners for over 10 years I would characterize their style as involved and tough, but always fair.

I recently came back to the...

Stephan Godevais

  • Stephan Godevais: CEO
  • Augmentix was my second successful experience as a CEO. Krishna convinced me to come out of self-imposed retirement to become CEO of Augmentix. He had played a significant role in helping the company build the management team by introducing the VP of Engineering and Operations, CFO, VP of Sales and VP of Marketing. Several years later, 4 of the 5 key executives were still in place. He was the most active board member and was engaged in the full spectrum of tactical to the most strategic issues faced by the company. He was keenly aware of the relevant technologies and market trends and his large contact base has been very useful in multiple product and business development situations.

    Krishna's no-nonsense style particularly on sales and distribution issues have actively guided us while the company has grown to be one of the fastest growing players in its category. Krishna brought capabilities to help Augmentix build a large and successful business. For any entrepreneur looking to build a valuable technology company in Texas,...

Craig Malloy

  • Craig Malloy: Founder & CEO

Lifesize was my second successful startup in the video communications space. As a successful entrepreneur. I am very well connected in venture capital circles and had a choice of investors to work with. I wanted to have a local investor and I chose to work with Venu. In addition to understanding the technology and the issues around building a business from scratch, Venu was incredibly well networked in this market and was keenly aware of local trends and issues. Being local, he was also an active participant in several detailed product and strategy sessions with my team and helped drive several key decisions at the company.

After six years of working with Venu and building Lifesize from an idea into a large business, I am even more convinced that he is an ideal partner for anyone attempting to build a technology company in Texas.